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The Gates of Dementia
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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
10:41 pm
Dancer in the Dark (****) – Mandy said this was one of her favorite movies of all time. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about watching fucking Bjork of all people prance around for over two hours. And once again (I’m going to make a real list soon) another film falls folly to another retarded advertiser’s attempt to sell something to the common moron. What seems like a bitter-sweet tale about a woman dealing with her on coming blindness and the fact that it will affect her son as well is actually a dark and harrowing journey about a woman who wants nothing more in life that for her son to be able to see and isn’t really all that worried or afraid of what fate throws at her (greed, contempt, betrayal, and death in more than one form).
Bjork (I still say the woman can’t sing, but makes a decent actress) plays Selma, an immigrant from Czechoslovakia. The film takes place in 1964, in Washington State. Selma works at a metal factory with her best friend, Kathy (Catherine Deneuve) and lives with her young son in a trailer in the back yard of a cop and his wife. The story is gentle and even flimsy at first as it deals with Selma’s on setting blindness (antics such as a local production of “The Sound of Music” she’s going to be in and trying not to break the machines at the factory). Soon conflicts arise as her desperation to raise enough money for her son’s operation escalates.
Dancer in the Dark is very lyrical, right down to its musical numbers. Yes you read that right: musical numbers. Selma is a fan of old 30s style musicals and an avid daydreamer. As the film progresses, we are slowly brought into this ironically happy frame of mind, right down to the final and devastating conclusion. Each number is unorthodox, the lyrics sometimes as simple as counting to 107. As much as a deterrent they are visually from the faded digital cinematography, they oddly compliment the story. You’ll be either irritated or scratching your head after the first one, but soon you’ll accept them as part of the film and not merely as some ad for Bjork (as some people on IMDB.com claim).
This film with shock you, it might make you cry, and it might even piss you off, but I for one was pleasantly surprised. What could have been made sentimental and sugary was carefully shaped (by Lars Von Trier, director of “Breaking the Waves,” which deals with many of the same issues) and made into something meaningful.

Current Mood: impressed
9:44 pm
People with a Unique Physical Dimension
All right all right. I’m so goddamned bored and broke that I need to do something besides kill my brain cells by smoking pot and watching the funky colored lights when I play an MP3 on windows media player (chemicaldive is utterly stoner friendly).
This will be a movie review journal for now ok? (Perhaps a few colorful anecdotes will be scattered here and there)

And don’t forget: Make Soylent Green a reality!!
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
11:46 pm
Since i've been begged to write something in this stupid thing...
For once a sport I watch has finally entered the holy realm of controversy. I just watched the last of the even finals tonight and I must say that some type of reconfiguration of this judging system needs to be done soon.
It's bad enough that the rest of the world hates it when Americans win. Sure we're cocky, egotisitcal, and obnoxious, but that doesn't mean we're not winning these medals unfairly. As a first world country, we do have certain advantages in certain sports, say Women's Softball and soccer(It's not our fault that we allow women to compete with the same funding as the men). But when the Chinese win the gold in Table Tennis for the fifth time in a row, won every time since it started in 1988, do we pitch a fit and claim that it's something rigged that makes them so untouchable? No. We admit to the fact that table tennis isn't a serious sport and move on. We're not petty like that. We hate to lose, but we take it with a little bit of grace.
Now, I'm not a big Paul Hamm fan. I really didn't care how he did during the individual all around. But I watched it and yes he won fair and square. Was the Korean guy socred incorrectly on the parallel bars? Well, I wouldn't be so shocked if he was. What I don't understand is that why they, the Korean fedaration, waited until the next day to file a complaint, and not right after he completed he routine and saw the score. Perhaps he was cocky enough to think that it didn't matter and that he had the gold in the bag (which was bullshit since his teammate out scored him and got the silver while he got the bronze). Or perhaps this is again another hissy fit timed to make us look bad again. If he was scored wrong, if his start vaule was supposed to be a 10, and the scored him for a 9.9 when he did a 10 rountine, sure, I say give him another gold medal (since if they called it right then and there he would have won it outright).
But what got my goat tonight, before the chaos that was the high bar final, was that on the woman's side, Svetlana Khorkina of the russian team, had the balls to say that she felt that all around she lost to Carly Patterson was, get this, rigged. Rigged? You mean to tell me that when you faulter on the beam and you faulter on the floor, that you're still supposed to get the gold medal? Just because your a stuck up cunt who can do a cart wheel? Personal resume aside, Svetlana, you need to come back down to the planet earth, get a real job, and deal with the fact that the time of the USSR is over and the tides of gymnastic excellence has changed. You already had tons of medals from every event in the world, you're famous around the globe, and you have several moves named after you. Grow the fuck up.
Yes, I think Mary Lou Retton's win in 1984 was a joke. The Soviets weren't there from the boycott and the result came down to dumb luck. But she did win over everyone who was there, and that you cannot take away.
In 1992, Shannon Miller lost the all around goal by the same margain that Paul Hamm won his by, .012 of a point. And I recall, when it came down to the last rotation between her and the winner, Tatiana Gutsu, when they both vaulted, people admitted that Miller's vault was near flawless, but some how go a lower score than Gutsu. Was there a giant media blitz about it? Patitions and protests and ceasless whining? Nope. Miller took the silver and smiled.
After tonight's historic calamity during the high bar routine should envoke some change in the sport. I don't understand how the diffcult keeps getting higher, the envelope is always being pushed, yet as each olympic competition passes, the scores get lower and lower. I'm not demanding more 10.00s; I think that perfection should be a near impossible thing to obtain. But what about vaults that were considered very difficult in 1996, such as the double twisitng yerchinko (sp?) which was a 10.00 vauled vault in 1996, was dropped to a 9.9 in 2000, and now is a 9.8? Most athletes today in the olympics, the highest event in gymnastics, don't do vaults vauled that high simpley because they are too risky, since if they don't stick the landing perfect, then lose lots of points. They are making the sport, in many ways, irrationally difficult. But I have hope that things should get better....

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, June 7th, 2004
12:26 am
um yeah
guess i'll do some more movie reviews.... my DVD collection has hit over 400 titles.... to quote the kool-aid man: OOOHHH YEAH!

Peggy Sue Got Married **1/2- I was suprised by the number of up and comming actors in this. Besides Kathleen Tunrer there was Nick Cage, Helen Hunt, Joan Allen, Jim Carrey and 14 year old Sofia Coppola..... nice little fantasy/melodrama about a woman who's given the chance to reselect the paths in her life. Got it at walmart for 5.50

The Wedding Singer **- Yes I finally got to see this film.... not very impressive though. One could say it was designed like many of the 80s romantic comedy films....but they didn't work either. Billy Idol gives a really crappy cameo as himself..... could have been a better homage to the 80s i think.

Monster ** (for the film) **** (for Theron's performance) As I read everywhere: mediocre film with one hell of a performance.... the movie is really a melodrama about Theron and Ricci's romance...killings and all seem more like a context or a side note. Not an awful film... but if Aileen Wuornos' role was given to a lesser actress, no one would care about it.

Elephant ***1/2- poetic and surreal look at highschool violence.... manages to be startling without being preachy. Though not for all tastes and attention spans.

The Last Samurai ***1/2- was expecting this to suck ass....but very well made.... reminded me a lot of Dances with Wolves...but the action was much better here.

Big Fish **1/2- Dissapointment.... for some reason I thought this was going to be more epic than it was. Creative plot and direction, but it lacks something in the heart. Ending was on the predictable side as well.

My Life Without Me ***- I still say that a film about a dying herione who tries to hid it from her family is worth watching just for the freshness of it. Fun, sad, little indie film...not as good a Pieces of April, but worth a watch.
Monday, May 24th, 2004
2:03 pm
Veganhater4eva is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com
Monday, May 17th, 2004
10:49 pm
I'm really going to miss Julieta when she moves to California, but she's been dying to move back out there, so I'm happy for her. It was good to see here again, even though some fat cunt tried to convince her that I didn't like her anymore. I love how pathetic and utterly juvenile it is how some people with crabby egocentric and obsessive personalities can't let go of their baby doll fantasies and tantrum inspired spite who need to drag everyone down with their mental issues. Fuck you and I hope you die. Cancer, heart disease, car crash (HA!) whatever. Die.

I'm taking Julieta out to dinner this week before she goes. Let me know who wants to go!

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
10:53 pm
Hmmm...what to write?
My Voodoo doll is working!
I got to see Bethany today. I'm so happy that she got a real job. Maybe there is hope for me yet. I started sending out resumes again.... I'm going to talk to Jeff next week about the RMT program. If they flounders then I'm telling bitch face that I'm looking for a new job.
I just got my $30 bootleg Trigun complete collection from ebay in the mail today. And it's not a dud! SCORE!

Jen- the answer was c. Hellevi Rombin. She dies in a plane crash in 1996. And no she wasn't russia.

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Sunday, April 18th, 2004
12:37 am
Excuse me, you stopped looking at me! HELLO!
I would like everyone to post something here in my journal to stroke my needy ego, since not enough people (IMHO) are reading my pointless dibble to suit my insecurites. Either ask me questions that i have no intention to answer or add in your own worthless dribble or random song lyrics, since I'll feel satisfied that people will read it through my universe... i mean online journal and inflate my self centered mind set. Thank me, i mean me....sorry thank me....um...thank me...dammit.. how do you write that other word?

Current Mood: aggravated
Saturday, April 17th, 2004
5:14 pm
In Loving Memory
It happpend. The saddest day in the history of Survivor. My beloved Kathy finally got the ax this week. There truly is no justice. Damn reality TV! LOL

Well maybe they'll do a Survivor All Stars All Stars...

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Friday, April 2nd, 2004
6:09 pm
Please Support Your Country’s Sanity. Vote for me.
I can’t stand it. I hate elections. It’s the focal point in American lives where people duke it out and spread malice between each other because the support a particular party. Friendships are torn, marriages are put on ice, and school chums avoid each other’s company because if the tiny topic of politics enters the conversation, all hell breaks loose. I’m surprised at the fervor at the lengths in which people go to get their opinion across. And this up coming election, naturally, is no different that any other. Which pompous retard should I vote for this time? Curious George or Skeletor? Paper or plastic? Quilted or not? And the classic: the beach sand enema or the broken glass one? Decisions decisions of the free world!
We aren’t there more hybrid parties around? How did the American government polarize so bad? Are you left? Are you right? Are you liberal or conservative?
Well kids, I’m diagonal, anarchic, and I think I’m going to run for president. I guess in stead of sitting at my computer and listening to Shakira and bitching, I should actually get my hands dirty.
The official platform of Brandon “Rachel Ray” Cook:
1. Since the whole same sex marriage fiasco/war is the current hot topic for this ill fated election I’ll attach it to my agenda. The party in particular who’s so righteously against it is the friggin church….and isn’t church and state separate? Funny who we’re using a religious practice to dictate civil laws…..here is my solution. For the churches, they can keep their marriage. Marriage is a church thing and it should stay there. And civil union, as bastardized as the word has become, should be the legal means of two people getting hitched. Just take all the legal mumbo jumbo and rights and privileges and stamp it to all civil unions. Marriages will just have religious recognition and nothing else (well minus the 100,000 bill that the parents have to pick up). That way, bible thumpers won’t worry about the “faggots and dykes” tainting the sacred wooden floors of the churches, is such a church refuses to allow it and in the real world, anyone can be legally unionized and no worry about benefits and next of kin rights. Simple. Easy.
2. Gun control. I’m not for controlling guns, since it won’t effect crime what so ever. If you haven’t noticed, criminals tend to ignore the law. I am, however, for gun reform. I think it should be a little more difficult for someone to get their gun license and guns should be routinely registered, just like cars. I don’t care about kids and guns. Kids and guns are the same as kids and plastic bags, kids and crossing busy streets, and kids and cleaning chemicals under the sink. The smarter, luckier ones live, the stupider and less fortunate ones don’t. It’s a fact of life. We don’t ban cars for running people over and we don’t ban plastic because it can cause people to choke and suffocate.
3. The War: give the people of the middle east this option- either stop all this needless fighting and killing over god knows what and become a more balanced and civil nation(s), or we shall use that funky new nitrogen bomb to plow your nation into a new beach resort (all proceeds will go towards feeding the starving children in Africa).
4. William Hung. The American Idol reject will be publicly drawn and quartered by horses (the old fashioned way), with each limb placed in the four corners of the nation and his head in the White House, as an example of that bad taste, under the Cook regime, will not be entertained (or entertainment), never mind tolerated.
5. The Death Penalty. I’m for it. I’m sorry, civil rights should not be extended to those who poo-poo the law. Don’t rape children, murder innocent people (without fair warning), or hold up the line at Wendy’s, asking the cashier to read you the menu because you forgot your glasses. Else you will die. However, I’ll make it a little more fun. Every 30 people who are sentenced to death, will be sent a deserted island (I’m thinking either Iceland or Guam) where they will fight to the death, Battle Royale style, the sole survivor (if he or she lives) being released back into society, after having their sex organs removed and a slight lobotomy.
6. Acts of stupidity and rudeness will now be illegal acts. Any citizen over the age of 18, can be prosecuted for performing either action, with penalties ranging from fines to slave labor on government funded organic farms (or the government funded “help the
Starvin’ Marvins” beach resort if the Middle East insists on being testy).
7. The new national bird will no longer be the Bald Eagle, but the Origami Crane.

I’ll try to get a website up soon for some funding…I’m going to need all the help I can get.

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Saturday, March 6th, 2004
4:09 pm
Shadow. You are an angels made from shadows. You
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Friday, March 5th, 2004
10:51 pm
The week from hades is over
Well any job has to have some bullshit days:

Margie was in Seattle for that nation wide managers meeting, which she complained about all week (boy it sucks having your company pay you to fly to another city and stay at a hotel and party for a week). And so of course she did little to prepare us while she was going. She has this loverly habit of pinching the afternoons down to two people for 2-4 hours. The afternoons are of course, when people have lunch breaks, and when school gets out. So it's none stop busy for a few soild hours. With only two people on (one on the bar, one on the register), the store becomes a mess and virtually no cleaning or extra things like stocking the condiment bar, won't get done.
SO: tuesday, Meda and Aisha open, with Shannon comming in at 8. Well Shannon calls in at 7:30, saying her grandmother's being rushed to the hospital, from a stroke or heart attack. Then suddenly Sarah walking the door. Sarah was supposed to be working 1 to 8 but wrote down the wrong day. Ok, no big deal, they just had to find someone to work like 3-7 or 4-8 or something. I was in at 11 to 4:30 to just put away the order and do the order for next week. So guess who got stuck staying until 7? And guess how busy it was that day? The order didn't get in until nearly 12:30, and by 1:30 it was just me and kelly until 3. And we had a line to the door the entire time. I didn't get to put in the order for next week. Plus i had to open the next day at 5:30 and was there until 4pm, staying two hours late to get the fucking order done. Then I got to open the next day.
Then the coup de grace: on tuesday, Michelle came in to get a drink. I asked her if she could work at all that night. She asks me if i could work her friday shift (1:30 to close). I thought she meant as a trade. I told her sure. Then she says "Great. Thanks. I just didn't want to workt that night." I asked her, "so when can you come in tonight?" "I can't. I have a Midterm."....
So then i get stuck working a shift i didn't want. Wonderful. I'm home. And I'm going to hibernate.
1:04 am
Ahem, *hack* *hurghl!*
I've been reading a few journals on here for the past few days (since after three 10 hours days, the only part of my body that I can move is my hand and my eyes) and I have bring something up:
I'm sick of people writing about political shit. I'm sick of redundant entires that speak over and over again the supposed evils of the Bush administration. Now I'm not about to defend Bubba Bush in an shape or form. I just don't understand this false hope that people have over anyone running against Bush. What makes anyone think that a new president is going to change anything? Politicians are all, on both sides of the scale, greedy, egotisitcal, lying, dirtbags. All of them. Every president ever elected has done nothing but abuse his power in one way or another. People running for office are not looking to make the free world a better place to live; they're looking to cement their fortune and celebrity. Kerry? The unoffical democratic nominee? Hey guys: I met the fucker. He came to my high school. I was on the photography team. He didn't let us take pictures of him. He had a body guard remove someone's camera because he caught a snap shot. He's a snob. He's a dick. They're all dicks. As my mentor Geroge Carlin would say: politics (like war) is just a prick waving contest. It's not that I don't care about my country or my security in a free nation. I just don't think that anyone in that office would have the ability to become some great tyrannical dictator or the ability and moxie to make change in this world. A president is a fucking figurehead. What he says now is only to get him elected. Once he's accomplished that, he can do what ever he wants for the next four years. There's too much red tape from every section of the government to make anything good or bad happen.
As for Bush: i don't want to hear about him rigging the election. Ever think that since the election was so close that maybe Gore wasn't as hot as you'd like? Don't be a sore loser. I wasn't. The only person I don't want in office is fucking Lieberman, who'd take away freedom of speech in books, radio, and videogames. As for the war: it is not another fucking vietnam. We lost that war. We lost more fucking soilders. A lot more. Also: it's war. People are going to due. Also, people in the army KNEW what they were getting into. If you join the army and suddenly get scared because a war might break out, you're fucking idiot. You know what the army is for. I saulte all men and women serving, and I mean no disrepect for those lost, but don't make every little death so tragic. Death happens people. It really does. And there will be no draft. Never.
So in summation: if you hate this country so much and are against what it stands for, the fucking leave, find or build a new counrty, and then destroy this one (even slit my throat too) and don't waste time pissing and moaning about things that will never happen. Politics are just a media infested mind game that means nothing to the average person. All Republicans are rich spoiled purests who still have the bible stuck up their ass and all Democrats are snobbish, warped, and egocentric.

On a brighter note: Omarosa was finally fired on The Apprentice! YIPPIE!
Monday, March 1st, 2004
11:23 pm
Alrighty...5 out of 5. I preponderate!.... and i'm on sack #2 as we speak.... blecch!

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